"I have people who say that I write to escape from reality ....
well to them I have only this to ask.
What do I need with your reality ....when I can create my own?" 
                                                                                  Dawn Chandler.

Lose yourself in the excitement of wondrous and enchanting worlds.

               Delve deeply into the realm of possibilities.

                                Fly through the sky with raging dragons.
                               Slink through the trees with stealthy elves. 
                           Battle the aliens who would like nothing more
                                       than to take over your world.

                            Look around as you go about your way.

      Watch the way the clouds circle, perhaps there is an alien vessel hiding
                            behind those low dark round clouds.
      Keep your eyes on the trees you may see sprites flitting around  the                                       quaking leaves.
      Not all the creatures you see, or can't see, in the darkness of fantasy are
friendly and those noises you hear deep
in the night may not be just the wind brushing the limbs across the window.
    Keep your eyes open and your mind alert and there is no end to the wonders you will experience.
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