From Under a Dark Shadow

     A dark and powerful knight is the best parent to have in 12th century England, it is what every boy dreams of. Well, if that knight is your father. When you grow up with a mother whose reputation is scandalous and a little scary, it makes life rough on a boy.
   Evan dreams of things well beyond knighthood and war. He dreams of a bright future of knowledge and hope. He just has to bring himself to tell the two people who mean the most to him that he does not want to follow in their footsteps. He does not want to be a knight.
     Felicity sees Evan in the hallowed light of love and desire. She has worshiped him from afar for many years, but he only sees her as the bratty child who torments him.
     Her dream is to make him love her and she is willing to do anything, be anything, that will make that dream come true. Unfortunately everything she tries seems to drive him farther away instead of drawing him closer.
     Dreams are just within grasp and yet oceans apart as love and desire collide with duty and honor.

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