A historical romance set in 19th century England and part of my London Series. Keep an eye out for more from the London Crew.

     Pertworth  Dansfire is a wild and free rake who lives a life full of party and games. While on the outside he is the epitome of London Society, it is all a façade. Inside he is lost, unsure of where he is going and who he is supposed to be. His inner turmoil is thrown farther into a spiraling decay when a mysterious woman, who doesn't appear to be who she says she is, comes tumbling into his life. 
      Nicknamed Brandy, by Pert, on the day he meets her, she decides Brandy it shall be. She is running from a life being forced upon her. A life to which she knows she must return, but what harm can come from a little side adventure with a man who appears to be as lost as she is. 

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