"I have people who say that I write to escape from reality ....
well to them I have only this to ask.
What do I need with your reality ....when I can create my own?" 
                                                                                  Dawn Chandler.

        Lose yourself to the excitement of enchanting worlds.

               Delve deeply into the realm of possibilities.

                                Fly through the sky with raging dragons.
                               Slink through the trees with stealthy elves. 
                           Battle the aliens who would like nothing more
                                       than to take over your world.

                            Look around as you go about your way.

   Watch the way the clouds circle, perhaps there is an alien vessel
        hiding behind those low dark round clouds.
      Keep your eyes on the trees you may see sprites flitting around 
the quaking leaves.
      Not all the creatures you see, or can't see, in the darkness of 
  fantasy are friendly and those noises you hear deep
in the night
    may not be the wind brushing the limbs across the window.
    Keep your eyes open and your mind alert and there is no end 
     to the wonders you will experience.
To the Ends of the Sea

      Nathan Black came from a long line of fishermen, and while he loved boats, he had no heart for fishing. He liked to party, he liked to play, and he lived for the bustle and excitement of New York City. When his grandfather coerced him into taking a trip on the family's commercial fishing vessel, he imagined many horrors, but cannibals, gorillas and a deadly island were more than he had bargained for. His only desire was escape, to bring the woman he had fallen in love with back to his family, but she had a secret and in order to trust her he would have to find out what it was.
       Jasmine tried to keep her distance, but her heart would not allow her to do so. She had been alone for so long and it was safer that way, but now she could see a different future, one that was filled with its own dangers and sacrifices. If she were to return with him, to fully love him, she would have to leave her entire life behind and she was not sure she could do it.
      Both have to make a decision---The safety of a life they have always known or should they risk it all for a chance at true happiness.

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