The London Series

The Infamous A.H.

Always one step ahead of the rumor mongers the reclusive A.H. was a successful horse breeder, an unbeatable jockey and a savvy businessman. Unfortunately one act of temper landed her in a marriage with a man who did not want her and a life she was unsure of how to manage. 
Marc Clifton wanted nothing more than a simple life in the heart of society. He had almost accomplished just that until an act of anger ended in a marriage to an unbridled hoyden who who could destroy it all.

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Lord Dansfire
 Pert finally finds the woman who can bring meaning to his life, unfortunately for him she has no idea who she is, or at least that is what she has claimed. He quickly begins to think she is hiding something. When things finally start going his way and he thinks he may have her heart won, she disappears leaving him to scramble to find her before whatever she has been hiding from can destroy them forever.

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